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cruise through till your next paycheque

Quick Payday Loans

Getting past gruelling weeks till your next pay cheque arrives? Use GEE's signature payday loans, with super fast disbursal and approval, you can be on your way to a few extra thousand dollars.

Bad credit or cashflow stopping you?

Top Rated Business Loans

GEE's competitive advantage is that we understand borrowers concerns and desires well. That helps us to cater to you flexibility in repayments. Speak with a Biz. Loan advisor today.

Urgent cash you need there and then

Fast Personal Loans

Getting extra cash for unforeseen expenditures is a proven solution to free up cash flow in a short timespan. GEE's quick personal loans mean that you get cash faster and safer.

How you benefit more with GEE

GEE Credit - We flatten our competition!

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    Ethical, Responsible & Polite

    Gee Credit moneylender service is governed by IPTO.

    Our fund disbursements and collection practices abide by the Singapore Law.

    You are in the good hands of our dedicated team of loan consultants

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    Quick Approval, Fast Cash Disbursement

    At Gee Credit, we understand your urgent need and time is of the essence.

    Cash at your convenience via our easy and hassle free.

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    No 'Rubber' Interests!

    At Gee Credit, our professional and competent loan consultants will determine the ideal rates which will not fluctuate .

    Gee Credit will ascertain the transparency in service assuring maximum confidentiality.

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    Consultants that truly go 'THE EXTRA MILE'

    We assign dedicated and knowlegeable loan consultant to guide you every step of the way, going the extra mile to ensure that your financial challenges have been overcome.

consultation is free of charge. Approach us now!

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Tel: 6896 0804

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Address: Blk 211 New Upper Changi Road #01-755
Singapore 460211
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